Looking for a Good MLM/Network Marketing Company? Part 1

Do you know what sets apart an award-winning successful network marketing company that’s built to last from a legitimate-looking Ponzi/pyramid scheme that is a three to five-year company designed to implode? Yes – No? Well, let me clarify some things for you then.

We all know or are aware of the genuine success stories out there already: you know those successful people/couples walking across the stage receiving accolades, trophies, plaques and whatnot; but how do you recognize the signs of  companies that are scams?

Well aside from leaving hundreds if not thousands of scam-infected victims that talk and vomit about the dangers of our industry and how they got scammed, cheated and mistreated; here’s a clue.

All that really needs to happen in the first place is for marketing reps aka “distributors” to tell the real story. What I mean is let and show people the difference between legit and scammy-whammy, and why your company is a real BUSINESS and they should n’ t be afraid to join.


One obvious sign is “Recruiting is Everything”, which hides the fact it’s all about Money because you are getting paid to sponsor new people into the company (program). Hey! Wait a minute, all MLM/networking companies do that they thrive on new people joining their companies.

Yes that’s true, but these pseudo pyramid companies really really focus on this by primarily compensating people for bringing new people into the fold directly or indirectly. The company gets their distributors to keep filling up the seats in the airplane.

A real bona-fide mlm/networking business does promote sponsorship of course, however it specifically rewards representatives for the sales of products and services. A good reputable network marketing company sells its products on their own merit and thereby acquires repeat customers month after month.

If people wont buy your products unless connected to some income opportunity then joiner (business owner) beware.

Signs of a reputable MLM/Network Marketing Company:

  • Products or services stand on their own merit. Value is everything. How do they compare with other competing products in quality and price?
  • A large amount of customers. The higher the ratio/proportion of regular customers the better.
  • Repeat orders by customers – This shows VALUE.
  • A high average order size. This says customers/distributors are buying because of real value not just to qualify for a bonus level or promotion.
  • Large potential market for the products or services. This means these products or services are consumable. Another question – is the market declining or increasing?
  • Does the company have a “unique” or proprietary product which has bona-fide scientific research that stands behind it. How well substantiated they are?
  • The company has a special group of “preferred” or “direct” customers that do not sign up for the income /opportunity or business end of the plan, but buy their products directly from the company at a discount.
  • Reasonable product-return policies and adequate customer satisfaction for both distributors and customers.
  • And more …


This signs of checklist is by no way complete and for the most part is not all said and done in this one post, however based upon your comments and replies I intend to add to the list and give further explanations.

I think armed with this type of information you are in a place or have the posture (confidence) to talk to people who have gotten scammed, lost money, friends, time, family members to some type of pyramid scheme.

People are seriously looking for a better way to live, to make money, to enjoy their time and efforts and to leave a legacy for their families in this certainly troubled economic time. Opportunity of a lifetime – did you do your due diligence?

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Is Multilevel Marketing a Business or What?

Hey Folks here’s a question  for you. Is multilevel marketing a nurturing, sharing business or a retail/sales business? Dah,dah.dah,dah, dah,dah,dahh-tada-daada  daah dada – answer? Wrong, it’s neither. It is a concept or a distribution model. It is a system of distribution for products and or services.

Most people including those involved in MLM confuse the issue by hearing and saying multilevel or network marketing is a sharing, caring, nurturing business and that is true, it is. But the fact remains, it’s not.

What makes multilevel marketing a business is basically seven things:

  1. An Industry
  2. A Company Name
  3. A Compensation System or Plan
  4. Products or Services
  5. A leadership or Management Team
  6. Timing and lastly
  7. Yourself

Many folks get involved with network marketing under false pretenses and wind up getting out  saying, “it did work for me, it doesn’t work, I tried it but I wasn’t making any money”. Only to find out they had the wrong approach, concept, facts.

Multilevel marketing is a distribution model and you need the other seven components  to make it whole, to make it a real business.

In every situation where there is failure you can check back to where it began. In the above list  of seven components you can find one or more reasons to blame. However, most never look at number seven because that would be looking in the mirror and seeing no flaw or fault. So it’s easy to blame network marketing.

I don’t want you to  do that – do something different this time. Check out this site and let me know what your thoughts are.


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MLM; Network Marketing Equals Duplication

In the beginning it’s very hard to see how huge your network marketing organization can become. For some people it will take a little time, for others not and for most it will be in between.

The concept of multilevel marketing is a compensation plan or system designed to pay people commissions when products or services are sold to the consumer, and through a system of more than one level or generation consisting of your sales organization simply called a team. Most reputable multilevel marketing companies belong to the Direct Selling Association. This helps avoid a lot of confusion and association with less reputable companies out there known as pyramids.

Through duplication you will create a residual income you wish, but the question is what type of duplication would you prefer to use: old school (traditional) or attraction marketing through the internet?

Old traditional MLM duplication techniques required you make a list of 100 or more names, categorized it hot, warm or cold and start calling your friends and family with a script to get them into your business or if not, at least buy some of your products. Sound familiar. Yes, it does and it still happens to this day.

In the past farmers use to plow their land with a horse or a mule, now most of them use tractors and modern farm equipment instead of horses. But in fact old traditional sponsoring/recruiting tactics did and still does work today, but only with a lot of attrition attached to them.

Ninety-seven percent (97%) of the people who are looking to improve their lives and that of their families leave MLM and have a lasting bad memories due to a lot of these old school marketing techniques they use to build their business.

In the past many of these marketing skills worked for people who had money, influence, were coming from professional backgrounds, but they didn’t work a lot of times for the average Joe or Jane.

Nobody basically wants to likes to be recruited, that’s for the Army, but if you have integrity and really want to forge a relationship with your new business partners then attraction marketing is the way to go for the future.


As I said before duplication can create the residual income you and your family wants, but great duplication involves a process. It’s not how quick you reach a promotion and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s how long you last. It takes time to build a leader – just having someone do it fast doesn’t make that person lasts or makes a leader.

Great (value-based) duplication takes time. The length of time varies from person to person.  Ann Landers wrote, “people of integrity expect to be believed”.  That is why you should tell people up front it might take 3 to 5 years to create the residual income and time freedom they want from their network marketing business. This takes integrity and good moral sense.

People of integrity know time will prove them RIGHT and they are willing to build the business right and are patient when it is the most frustrating thing to do. However, as long as you or I is building the business actively it will come – it will happen.

“For all people everywhere who are ready to make a change. To make the world a better place with your business or product, here is your mission: Find people for whom this is the right thing to be doing. No one else. People who have the brains to appreciate things that you offer”.



Best wishes,









Something to Think About

Check this out – the spiritual person who is whole brings in the spiritual vision. Bringing in the spiritual vision and applying it to cultivating the physical Earth is appreciated. Appreciating the natural resources of the world does not make you a capitalist. The One Creative Force created oil, created gold, created the dynamic to have the power to do this, that or the other. This Unique Creative Force created entrepreneurship – the spirit of working together (networking) and supplying needs (servicing others for their good and benefit not just yours).


An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep – why? I invite your comments and opinions.

In a fight between a lion and a tiger, the tiger usually wins because they’re fiercer and more courageous. They will do anything to win. However, if there are five tigers versus five lions, the lions will always win because they work as a pack and tigers work as individuals.

Stay tuned because I have something to share with you later.

Take care for now,


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It’s Hard to Succeed at Something You Never Have Done Before

I,  you,  we should understand that success and failure are not opposites of each other. They belong to the same coin. Failures are the legs the builds and support the table you eat from. It’ s very hard to succeed at something you’ve never done before. Be patient with yourself and proceed accordingly. How? Through your mind’s predictive experience and files based upon correct information. It will know that that stove is hot (scam, lack of integrity, illegal, poorly structured, dishonest corporate leaders, etc.). Don’t psych yourself up to produce massive amounts of money the first time around. Why? Because it’s very hard to succeed at something you have never done before. Now I’m not saying don’t challenge yourself. Yes, challenge yourself. Please do so, but only after you have first succeeded with something that is a smaller challenge. Don’t feed the baby meat at six months old just because you see teeth – wait and let the baby grow stronger at a year or so then it will be ready to tackle the meat. All the while it’s preparing itself for that eventuality. Don’t rush or spoil it – stay the course.

The reality is it is very hard to succeed at something you have never done before because success only comes when you have finally earned your set of mistakes and failures. You are not yet even an amateur/novice, but as time goes on you will learn more – your mind will learn more -you will learn more – your mind will learn more – you will learn more – your mind will learn more and then you will keep learning more and more and more. In time “they” or “we” will start to call you an “expert” An Expert basically starts out as an idiot or smart person who has had his or her share of enough failures and mistakes to finally succeed. Then after a while, with more trials and errors, more experience, more lessons to be learned – You’ll be called a…GURU! Which could also mean “g-u-r-u” 🙂 !

To our successful endeavors,


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How YOU Influence YOU

Given all things equal: the products, the comp plan, unlimited territory, the training, your goals then why is online marketer/networker X’s business taking off the ground as oppose to online marketer/networker Z’s? What’s missing? What’s going on? What’s invisible to naked eye? Think back when you started your business you were all pumped up and excited and enthused. You were going to do this and make the money you always wanted and take the world by storm.

You thought about your dreams, goals and where you want to be in 5, 10, 15, 20 years and what you would be doing and with who and where and all that good stuff. You even write down your dreams and/or goals in a notebook. In that moment you are all caught up, filled with passion in all the possibilities you see for yourself. It’s an hell of a charge – it’s an emotional roller coaster because you can see it so clearly. You are emotionally high without any drugs then you go home and reality sets in. You wake up the next day and the reality you’ve created hits home HARD. Same house and/or apartment, same people, same jive from the same environment, same dead-end job, same negative spouse, same tired old excuses. Time passes by and you feel less and less enthused. You don’t go over your wheel of fortune, you read your goal book less and less, your business is not making the progress you thought it should be making this time, so in time you have lost your vision, your gusto, your spunk. You’re a failure and this is not the first time. Ooh, you want to crawl into a hole and cover yourself up for a long time and not come out. My friend you have lost the Battle of the Mind!

Why is it you can stand on the cusp of life and see with little effort all the glorious things you want to do and have, but making it happen is just out of this world for you? What’s happening, what’s going on, what is missing from you and this puzzle??

A technique, a bridge, a tool that you aren’t using that can make all the difference in your life and the lives of others. This tool or technique I’m talking about can make all the difference in your life and your business associates. What I’m referring to is affirmations or what others simply call self-talk. Self-talk is simply what you and I do each and every day, throughout the day. It comes from what you believe about yourself or how you feel about yourself. It springs from you. It’s like a light switch; you can switch it off or on – or make it negative or positive. Self-talk affirms the good, the positive, it’s thinking of the best for the better.

Take online/network marketer X and how he interacts with people: “The last person I talked to wasn’t interested, I hope this talk goes smoother. Well, here goes nothing… I hope I don’t sound as stupid as last time. Maybe I need to stop because I can’t do this…maybe my wife was right, maybe this business doesn’t work. I must be out of my mind to try something like. I must be a glutton for punishment. Nothing I ever do works out. I’m not a quitter, so I’ll give it another month for this business to work then at least people can’t say I didn’t try”. But online/network marketer Z is using a completely different talk strategy, listen to this: “This feels great, I feel great. I love the way it feels when I’m sharing my excitement about my business with other people and listening to what they have to say… this is a blessing. I’m a skillful communicator…it’s such a joy to communicate with other people. I’m really the best at what I do. Today is going to be my best day. I’m knowledgeable about what I do… I help other people get what they want so I can get what I want… I want the best for myself and others…this is a game and I’m constantly winning. I really am getting very good at what I do… I am very successful… I am grateful…I am talking to people who only want to be my business partners”.

Does either conversation sound familiar? “Hell no – I don’t talk or sound like that… I don’t self-talk.” Oh yeah? That’s you self-talking right now. Everyone does it and regardless of what you say out loud your inner conversations with yourself will have more impact than you can possibly imagine. They can powerfully determine what results or future you create. Even though self-talk conversation is silent and quiet it will drown out any other conversation you will ever have. You can spend hours and days making your goals and planning your future and that’s great – but your inner talk will determine to a great extent HOW YOU FEEL about those goals and visions.

Your self-talk will determine just to what lengths you will go to write them down, read them faithfully, believe in them religiously and follow through month after month, year after year. When we were young we thought and imagined we could do anything – we were full of possibilities. There were really no limits to our imagination, but as we got older somehow we begin to process and think differently and it’s just when we are old enough to do something about those dreams we had to make them turn into reality. BUT what happens? We become re-programmed by our own experiences and other people’s commentary. In short we call it or it can be called reality of the “Three R’s” which set in over time and it is this insidious process that causes us to stagnate and believe others outside ourselves. This process – these “three R’s” begin to distort and lower our self-image to the point we may start to forget we have one. WE, I mean you and I begin to repeat what “they” said and it becomes a part of our self-talk.

Now this “new” self-talk begins to act as a filter through which we view the world and our experiences – they create and reinforce our reality. And the experiences that support our negative self-talk easily pass through the filter and get added to the negative self-talk junk pile which supports the “why things don’t ever work out for me” syndrome. And you now the longer this continues the more likely you and me will continue to “react” rather than respond to situations that we could have handled better. We repeat the same thing over and over and then expect a different result – and we wonder why this is happening again and why we can’t get things done successfully. Sort of the definition of insanity, heh! Now this is important – get this; GRADUALLY, over the years, we begin to give up on ourselves and throw in the towel and resign ourselves to what is below us and chalk it up as fate – and we don’t even know why.

What we have to do is change the pattern – break the cycle (Tony Robbins). Since all self-talk is TALK we all make up – we can change it for the better by being aware that it exists, and secondly, begin to notice when it is happening and decide whether it’s moving you in the direction you want to go. A clue to this is: if you are not feeling joyous or in a happy mood about what you are feeling or thinking SOMETHING is not happening right, something is wrong, something is off, so fix it right away. Change up, and modify self-talk. Thirdly, you must realize where self-talk comes from. Realize that you make it up and that you can choose to change it or not. This takes patience and a little courage and practice to embrace this process but it’s something you can begin to change right now.

However, don’t beat yourself up when you are unaware of what’s happening (your own self-talk is running you), but as you become aware of your self-talk you can become more aware and shift the process to your own advantage where it begins to empower you. Now that you know this is a choice you can begin to change your situation and circumstance by conscious use of language. Meaning choosing the language that will support the direction and results you want. The choice will be either of two: (1) creative justification or (2) creative interpretation. Creative justification is simply adding negative fuel to the fire of negative self-talk which goes back to where we were talking about how your negative experiences from self and others justifies (supports) why you can’t do something and “why” things never work out for you. Whereas, creative interpretation is totally the opposite of what I just said. Here are some guidelines since doing this may be easy for some and hard for others:

*Use self-talk in the first person and present tense – (“I am, I will…..).

*Only use self-talk in short sentences or thoughts – (one or two).

*Embellish it with positive adjectives – words like, “excellent, brilliant, best, industrious, successful, skillful, etc.

*ATTACH/PUT your feeling into it”.

*Read them over and over – aloud – until it is all you can think about. Remember you are reprogramming yourself just like training a muscle with weights; it needs a lot of repetitions.

How would it be if someone called you first thing in the morning and said: “You are really a great fantastic person. I love to be around you and listen to your advice. You have great energy and insight, your enthusiasm is off the charts, and your creativity is unmatched”! Imagine if you heard something like this first thing in the morning – what a way to start the day.

This is the blessing of using self-talk/affirmations. You make the voice in your head become your friend by doing this every morning and evening and throughout the day. Using self-talk/positive affirmations is like going to the spa or getting a massage or wearing clothes that make you look awesome. You feel different, look different, walk different and talk different – you begin to carry yourself DIFFERENT! When you use and apply self-talk you empower yourself and it shows and other people will notice by feeling your energy and will be attracted to you and your business(es). I know a lot of people say they didn’t get involved in network marketing for personal development (MONEY; well at least they are honest about it), but it comes with the territory.

In case you forget or didn’t know getting involved in business or network marketing is an indication you wanted more from life; so remember if you want more you have to become more as the saying goes. Once you see it works you’ll like the feel of it and will want to continue down this road because who doesn’t like feeling and being bold, courageous, confident, powerful, magnificent, loving and accepting yourself fully. It’s even contagious in a good way although it can be hard at first, but once you start down this road anything is possible. You can create mission statements, goals, and visions of the way you want your life to be, but your self-talk/affirmations will determine how you really feel about yourself and them. Giving you the mindset necessary to follow through and take the actions necessary to make them come true today, tomorrow, next week, next month and years to come. Do this for yourself, your family and your followers…I’m an effective writer, I’m an effective writer, I’m an effective writer!

All the best,


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P.S.  “One can easily measure the character of a person by the way he or she treats you when you can do nothing for them”.