MLM; Network Marketing Equals Duplication

In the beginning it’s very hard to see how huge your network marketing organization can become. For some people it will take a little time, for others not and for most it will be in between.

The concept of multilevel marketing is a compensation plan or system designed to pay people commissions when products or services are sold to the consumer, and through a system of more than one level or generation consisting of your sales organization simply called a team. Most reputable multilevel marketing companies belong to the Direct Selling Association. This helps avoid a lot of confusion and association with less reputable companies out there known as pyramids.

Through duplication you will create a residual income you wish, but the question is what type of duplication would you prefer to use: old school (traditional) or attraction marketing through the internet?

Old traditional MLM duplication techniques required you make a list of 100 or more names, categorized it hot, warm or cold and start calling your friends and family with a script to get them into your business or if not, at least buy some of your products. Sound familiar. Yes, it does and it still happens to this day.

In the past farmers use to plow their land with a horse or a mule, now most of them use tractors and modern farm equipment instead of horses. But in fact old traditional sponsoring/recruiting tactics did and still does work today, but only with a lot of attrition attached to them.

Ninety-seven percent (97%) of the people who are looking to improve their lives and that of their families leave MLM and have a lasting bad memories due to a lot of these old school marketing techniques they use to build their business.

In the past many of these marketing skills worked for people who had money, influence, were coming from professional backgrounds, but they didn’t work a lot of times for the average Joe or Jane.

Nobody basically wants to likes to be recruited, that’s for the Army, but if you have integrity and really want to forge a relationship with your new business partners then attraction marketing is the way to go for the future.

As I said before duplication can create the residual income you and your family wants, but great duplication involves a process. It’s not how quick you reach a promotion and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s how long you last. It takes time to build a leader – just having someone do it fast doesn’t make that person lasts or makes a leader.

Great (value-based) duplication takes time. The length of time varies from person to person.  Ann Landers wrote, “people of integrity expect to be believed”.  That is why you should tell people up front it might take 3 to 5 years to create the residual income and time freedom they want from their network marketing business. This takes integrity and good moral sense.

People of integrity know time will prove them RIGHT and they are willing to build the business right and are patient when it is the most frustrating thing to do. However, as long as you or I is building the business actively it will come – it will happen.

“For all people everywhere who are ready to make a change. To make the world a better place with your business or product, here is your mission: Find people for whom this is the right thing to be doing. No one else. People who have the brains to appreciate things that you offer”.


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How I Felt Job Wise Back in the Day

As the saying goes, “If you could have done it on your own you would probably have done it already”. I know it sucks being you – me too! But I’m overcoming my limitations by playing follow the leader, I mean mentor. He’s great. Pretty soon I’ll be the Master (Stars Wars).

But enough of myself; no, this is a blog I should talk about myself. Let see where should I start? Today – I’ll start near the middle. I was raised like all the rest of the ‘baby boomers’ to go to school, get a good education and then get a good job. Well, most of us did that, but in the distant past and in the present we have realized that getting the job is relatively easy – it’s keeping it that’s hard.

2007/11 to 2008/9, I was out of a job. I couldn’t buy one, steal one, con one, or get one until September. Of course, I was thankful for getting one in a field that I’m trapped in but I’m dissatisfied because it’s the same old thing. It seems like I’m a real wage slave. I’ve also realized that a job doesn’t love nobody but itself. It doesn’t care how long you served it, been by its side, coddled it, worshiped it, stuck by it, pleaded with it, sweated for it – it doesn’t love any body but itself.

I’ve found my solution. I’m working my job to fire my Boss.

Anybody who wants to fire their Boss can come follow me in my journey getting Free.

Nabih, ciao