It’s Hard to Succeed at Something You Never Have Done Before

I,  you,  we should understand that success and failure are not opposites of each other. They belong to the same coin. Failures are the legs the builds and support the table you eat from. It’ s very hard to succeed at something you’ve never done before. Be patient with yourself and proceed accordingly. How? Through your mind’s predictive experience and files based upon correct information. It will know that that stove is hot (scam, lack of integrity, illegal, poorly structured, dishonest corporate leaders, etc.). Don’t psych yourself up to produce massive amounts of money the first time around. Why? Because it’s very hard to succeed at something you have never done before. Now I’m not saying don’t challenge yourself. Yes, challenge yourself. Please do so, but only after you have first succeeded with something that is a smaller challenge. Don’t feed the baby meat at six months old just because you see teeth – wait and let the baby grow stronger at a year or so then it will be ready to tackle the meat. All the while it’s preparing itself for that eventuality. Don’t rush or spoil it – stay the course.

The reality is it is very hard to succeed at something you have never done before because success only comes when you have finally earned your set of mistakes and failures. You are not yet even an amateur/novice, but as time goes on you will learn more – your mind will learn more -you will learn more – your mind will learn more – you will learn more – your mind will learn more and then you will keep learning more and more and more. In time “they” or “we” will start to call you an “expert” An Expert basically starts out as an idiot or smart person who has had his or her share of enough failures and mistakes to finally succeed. Then after a while, with more trials and errors, more experience, more lessons to be learned – You’ll be called a…GURU! Which could also mean “g-u-r-u” 🙂 !

To our successful endeavors,


P.S. is this what you want?

P.P.S. you can tell the measure of a person by how they treat you when you can do nothing for them


How I Felt Job Wise Back in the Day

As the saying goes, “If you could have done it on your own you would probably have done it already”. I know it sucks being you – me too! But I’m overcoming my limitations by playing follow the leader, I mean mentor. He’s great. Pretty soon I’ll be the Master (Stars Wars).

But enough of myself; no, this is a blog I should talk about myself. Let see where should I start? Today – I’ll start near the middle. I was raised like all the rest of the ‘baby boomers’ to go to school, get a good education and then get a good job. Well, most of us did that, but in the distant past and in the present we have realized that getting the job is relatively easy – it’s keeping it that’s hard.

2007/11 to 2008/9, I was out of a job. I couldn’t buy one, steal one, con one, or get one until September. Of course, I was thankful for getting one in a field that I’m trapped in but I’m dissatisfied because it’s the same old thing. It seems like I’m a real wage slave. I’ve also realized that a job doesn’t love nobody but itself. It doesn’t care how long you served it, been by its side, coddled it, worshiped it, stuck by it, pleaded with it, sweated for it – it doesn’t love any body but itself.

I’ve found my solution. I’m working my job to fire my Boss.

Anybody who wants to fire their Boss can come follow me in my journey getting Free.

Nabih, ciao