Dear World, Greetings to You,

My name is Nabih Al-Amin (means Nabih, the Trustworthy). I was born 1955 in Atlantic City, NJ. I got married to my first wife. We raised our children in New Mexico for seven years, then after the divorce I wound up in Alamosa, CO where I married my second wife which didn’t even last a month (a rebound marriage). Eventually,  got bless to marry my third wife and we’ve been married 17 years.

I’m honored to have had the privilege to share my life with so many. Multi-Level Marketing came into my life big time coupled with Tony Robbins back in 1983. It has been incredible learning along with the curves, bumps, the ups and downs, and the highs and the lows. Ann Sieg, Mark Klinger and the Renegade Marketer saved me with the free e-book “the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing”.  Let me tell you these folks and who they have mentored are rocking and shocking the social media networks with mastery. So as the saying goes, “you are known by who you associate with” and these folks are phenomenal! I’m determined to help all those who want help.

Share with me your dreams, your story, aspirations, goals or troubles and let us get to know each other.


Leave a reply and/or write me at: dontbehurting@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by.


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